Abengroup Ltd is trading and consulting company founded in May 2006, with offices and warehouse located in Nairobi.

Abengroup specializes in consultancy in the Alternative Energy and IT sectors. The market place is the rural area where grid connection is not available so telecommunication is also an issue. Abengroup Ltd carries surveys and proposes the right solutions for new establishment in terms of utilizing energy in any form and
telecommunications in the form of WAN, LAN, VOIP.

The ideal client of Abengroup is the NGO, Mission, UN agency, with projects in remote areas with the needs of expertise in the projecting and deploying of solutions in the energy and IT sector.

Abengroup Vision is to become a general consultant to its ideal clients for the 3 most crucial services in remote areas Water supply, Electrification and Communications.

The 3 above mentioned areas are the most critical in remote places and are the start up for any kind of initial settlement.


Abengroup ltd also specialise in the LED (light emitting diods) light technology in order to achieve best electrical consumption savings and therefore in lowering load requirements for solar and power backup installations

Please contact us for any needs in the above mentioned areas.

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