Digital Archiving

Feature Advantages and Benefits

Our software is the ideal solution for centralizing files in an electronically accessible environment for multiple users to access.  It is becoming more demanding on businesses to go paperless due to compliance, risk reduction, and to improve efficiencies.  It is our goal to provide end users with the ease, convenience, and security of accessing documents and files without having to sort through a mess of file cabinets in the “paper” world.  The software provides organizations with the ability to manage their business more effectively with a strong document management software at a fraction of the cost of similar products.


Digital Archiving Solutions

Every company has document records, whether it is paper based or electronic files. Using custom Digital Archiving software we can help you organize, secure and manage those documents. We have tailored our document management software into 3 versions to better suit everyone's need.

Unlike paper, electronic documents can be shared with clients, colleagues, etc...You can give restricted access to some, and more to others. Special permissions such as deleting, printing, emailing, and others can be given or not to different users.Our software is easy to setup and use.

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