Model #: APSX700HF

Highlights inverter3

  • 12V DC or 230V AC input; 230V AC output; 1 outlet
  • 700 watts continuous, 1050 watts OverPower and 1400 watts DoubleBoost
  • inverter output
  • 10 amp rated, 3-stage, built-in battery charger with 1/2 cycle transfer time
  • Auto Transfer Switching option for battery backup / UPS operation - with AC
  • surge suppression
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight aluminum housing weighs only 4.5 lbs. / 2.0 kg


Tripp Lite's APSX700HF Ultra-Compact DC-to-AC inverter with automatic line-to-battery transfer and integrated charging system serves as an extended run UPS, a standalone power source or an automotive inverter. Supplies up to 700 watts of continuous 230V AC power to 1 AC outlet from any 12V battery or automotive DC source.


OverPower inverter output feature provides up to 150% of the continuous output for up to 1.5 seconds, and DoubleBoost inverter output feature delivers up to 200% of the continuous output for up to 1.1 seconds, providing the extra power needed to cold start heavy-duty tools and motorized equipment.


When AC cable is connected to a live wall socket, commercial power passes through to connected equipment and the battery set is recharged via 3-stage, 10-amp charging system. In UPS mode, the APS system responds to blackouts and voltage fluctuations with an automatic 11 millisecond transfer to battery-derived AC output.


Includes a set of high current DC input terminals for simple hardwire installation (user supplies batteries and cabling - see owner's manual for recommendations). Passes sine wave utility or generator power during battery charging and UPS line power mode, plus efficient PWM sine wave AC output in inverter and UPS backup modes. Supports an unlimited amount of runtime with any number of user-supplied batteries connected.

Package Includes:

  • APSX700HF
  • Owners manual with warranty information

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