Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been around for years in red, yellow and green.  New technological advances have given us incredibly bright blue and white versions--the white LEDs on our products page are state-of-the-art in brightness. The rated brightness varies by how wide the beam angle is. LEDs with a super-high brightness rating also have a very narrow beam angle. Wider-angle LEDs have a lower brightness rating, but may put out just as much light. It's important to choose the beam angle to suit your needs.

  • LEDs can last tens of thousands of hours if used at rated current
  • No annoying flicker like from fluorescents
  • LEDs are impervious to heat, cold, shock and vibration
  • No breakable glass is used, and LED lights can be waterproofed for marine use

White LEDs are perfect for replacing small, inefficient incandescent bulbs in night lights, flashlights, path lights, task lights and exit signs. Try 6-9 white LEDs for reading and task lights, and 1-3 LEDs for flashlights and path lights.

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