Large LED clusters that run on 120VAC are extremely expensive to purchase--usually US$200 and up. You can home build them, but the electronics and design are much more complicated than the DC circuits above. Because LEDs are directional, they are not always a very good choice for room lighting...but work very well for task lighting. Here's some more information:

3-watt AC 10-LED Reading Lamp Circuit

LEDs are excellent for task lighting, and this circuit also has battery backup built in -- when AC power goes out, the LED cluster switches to battery power.

Submitted by Pranab Kumar Roy, an electrical engineering student at Nagpur University, India. Designed for 230VAC European grid power, and could be used on 120VAC USA grid power by replacing the transformer. Circuit and text image is 500K bytes.


More AC LED circuit design information:

We'd appreciate any other links you can send us about designing LED lighting fixtures, especially for 120v AC house current applications.

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