• If your LED mounting does not allow any air circulation, we recommend running them at 18-20ma instead of 25ma to avoid any heat buildup, which will shorten their life.
  • LED lights generally do not need reflectors, as the angles at which they emit light are set internally.  Our white LEDs emit in a 20 degree arc.  Very little light is wasted from shining in the wrong direction.
  • Although our LEDs are not powerful enough to require eye protection labelling, DO NOT look directly into the beam from a close distance, just like with a halogen lamp.
  • Solder your connections quickly and efficiently, using a small (less than 30 watt) soldering iron.  LEDs can be ruined if the internal temperature gets too high from soldering.


  • Do not place too much strain on the LED leads when bending them.  Bend the leads ONLY below the sqaure tab on each lead.
  • LEDs are sensitive to static.  The manufacturer recommends a grounding wrist strap, but we have had no problems without one during our research.  Just be careful not to drag your feet across the carpet and grab a handful of LEDs...or simply touch a grounded metal chassis before handling LEDs.

SEC: Anywhere Solar & Anytime UPS Lighting Kits are the first in a new family of highly efficient, low energy products designed to revolutionize homes and offices around the world. Using the highest quality and most efficient components commercially available today, these products are designed to offer unrivalled brightness and long operation times from integrated batteries, and can be used anywhere or anytime depending on local requirements.

The Concept

Using ultra efficient LEDs that are over 20 times more efficient than Incandescent lamps and almost 5 times better than Fluorescent lamps, the Anywhere and Anytime lights each require less than 2 Watts input for the 240 Lumen model or less than 4 Watts input for the 480 Lumen model*, but still give the equivalent brightness of a 40W – 80W incandescent lamp . With such a small energy requirement, it is also possible to offer long operation/back-up times of up to 10 hours+ in-between charges, as well as short charge up times. Furthermore, because only high quality components are used in these products, they offer exceptional long term reliability, with 20,000 hour LED life down to 75% brightness.

The other unique property of the AnyWhere and AnyTime lights is their flexibility and ease of installation. Designed as a modular system with easy twist-fit connectors and a central hub, the kits can be connected in multiple units if required, to create a complete indoor low energy lighting solution.- AnyTme Light only

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