In parts of the world where a mains/grid connection is available but there are regular power cuts, The AnyTime UPS lighting kit is a perfect way to have good, uninterrupted light. Designed to be connected to the grid, and supplied fully ready-to-use, each kit contains the following:

  • AnyTime UPS LED light with integrated batteries
  • Terminal hub for additional connections/flexibility
  • All connection cables with easy twist-fit connectors
  • Ceiling mounting bracket (one per light) and fixings
  • AC Power supply with plug adaptor


Light Output


AnyTime UPS lights are available in either 240 or 480 Lumen sizes and both have three brightness levels or can be gradually dimmed in 32 stages by pulling and holding the switch cord. The standard brightness levels are as follows:

  • Switch Position 1 = 240/480 Lumens (equivalent brightness to a 40/80W incandescent lamp)
  • Switch Position 2 = 120/240 Lumens
  • Switch Position 3 = 25/50 Lumens

Energy Consumption

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The energy consumption varies depending on the model and brightness setting as follows:

  • Switch Position 1 = 8/16 kJ/h giving 10+ hours operation from a full charge
  • Switch Position 2 = 4/8 kJ/h
  • Switch Position 3 = 1/2 kJ/h

Light Life (25% light reduction)
9 years+ for 6 hours operation per day at 240 Lumens
Power supply
Mains AC Charger 12 - 18V DC Power Suppl

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