Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of electricity and one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. These growth trends can be linked to the multi-dimensional benefits associated with wind energy.

  • Green Power: The electricity produced from wind power is said to be "clean" because its production produces no pollution or greenhouse gases. As both health and environmental concerns are on the rise, clean energy sources are a growing demand.
  • Sustainable: Wind is a renewable energy resource is inexhaustible and requires no "fuel" besides the wind that blows across the earth. This infinite energy supply is a security that many users view as a stable investment in our energy economy as well as in our children's' future.
  • Affordable: Wind power is a cost-competitive source of electricity, largely due to technological advancements, as well as economies of scale as more of these machines are manufactured and put online around the world.
  • Economic Development: As well as being affordable, wind power is a locally-produced source of electricity that enables communities to keep energy dollars in their economy. Job creation (manufacturing, service, construction, and operation) and tax base increase are other economic development benefits for communities utilizing wind energy.
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